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The Way Home are six long lost brothers and sisters from the Suffolk lowlands, reunited in London’s urban sprawl through their common roots and record collections. They draw their inspiration from a deep well of unaffected rock, soul, country, folk and blues – creating original music that resonates with Britain’s rural beauty and the sonic intensity of the city.

Led by the soaring vocals of Amy Beskin and Hannah Bales, The Way Home build their foundations upon the dynamic interplay of Paul J Tiffen (guitar), Rye Eden (bass), Nick Swietlik (drums) and the swirling keys of Joe Glossop (organ/ piano) to create a hook laden take on a classic, yet contemporary, sound.

Following the release of their debut ‘The Ship EP’ in 2012 the group have toured, performed at UK Festivals and welcomed warm reviews and comparison to the likes of: Fleetwood Mac, The Band and Janis Joplin, through to the Black Crowes, Joe Cocker, and the recent Alabama Shakes.

Their second ‘Fox EP’ is due out in late 2013, with plans to release their first album in 2014.


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